Tubular Dowel Bars

Raising the bar in road construction

The O-Dowel bar is a carbon steel tubular dowel bar that's improving highway construction, from new jointed pavement concrete construction to full-depth repairs. Due to its hollow construction, it is lighter, safer and more durable than conventional solid steel dowel bars. The O-Dowel tubular dowel bar means faster installations, fewer safety risks and better freight efficiencies.

DOT approvals

Eight states and counting have Department of Transportation approval to use O-Dowel with their next project. Millions of feet of O-Dowel have already been installed. Join us.

The O-Dowel Edge

An O-Dowel basket weighs about half that of a conventional solid dowel bar basket, delivering cost savings across the construction process. The O-Dowel promotes ease of installation, reduces the threat of injuries, helps reduce insurance costs and allows for more units to be shipped per truckload. Plus, it’s a 100% recyclable solution.

The O-Dowel performs to the same structural standards as solid steel dowels yet provides superior resistance to corrosion, with galvanized coating on the inside and outside of the O-Dowel making it more corrosion-resistant than a solid, epoxy-coated dowel bar. End caps offer further safeguards.

A New Standard


High-strength structural steel tubing creates a lightweight alternative to solid-steel bars, enhancing the economics across the construction spectrum.


A heavy wall thickness to outside diameter ratio provides the O-Dowel with performance characteristics comparable to those of a solid steel bar.

Sustainable & Green

The O-Dowel does not require any special handling costs and is 100% recyclable. Fewer truckloads are required to ship the lightweight O-Dowel, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.


With state DOT-specific conventional epoxy coating on the exterior and a galvanized surface on both its interior and exterior, every O-Dowel has an extra layer of corrosion resistance.